The Restaurant

Discover the many specialties of the Fassi kitchen as you savour the subtle blend of spices, the fresh market ingredients and the highest quality meat available.

The owner mother Fatima is a gifted cook with a big heart, an infectious laugh and a lot of love. Revel in the magic of her light fluffy couscous, succulent Tajines of beef and prunes, chicken with lemon and olives, barbecued lamb, brouillates, and her famous mouthwatering pastilla – layers of chicken with almonds and spices all wrapped in a light pastry parcel.

All dishes are preceded by a series of tasty Moroccan salads and olives and followed by delicious seasonal fruits fully ripe and sugary.

Riad Rcif in Fez also offers a selection of beers from Fez and Casablanca, wines from Meknes and French champagne.

The restaurant is open to guests who are not staying at the Riad