Welcome to Riad Rcif

- Come to the heart of the largest medina in the world and experience life in a palace. The doors have only been open since May 2012.

- Riad Rcif in Fes

is one of the old grand buildings of Fez, located in Laayounne, an old area of the medina. Built in 1372 for the Pasha (governor) it has recently been restored by Fes local Hicham, who is passionate about preserving the history of his world heritage listed city.
- Now you can stay in this magnificent family run riad, surrounded by world famous Fassi arts and crafts. From hand-carved cedar ceilings and doors, sculpted plaster pillars and intricate zellige (mosaic), to magical brass lanterns, exquisite embroidery and luxurious fabrics.
- The panoramic terrace has a stunning view over the medina up to the south fort. This is shaded by day and beautiful by night when you can taste Fatima's legendary home cooking under the stars. The riad is very close to guarded parking and only a few minutes walk to all the main sites. After exploring the labyrinth, the ryad provides a perfumed oasis to retreat to.
- Hicham's family and the australian manager Aisha will ensure that you have an unforgettable stay in Fez. Between them, many languages are spoken and there is a complete understanding of what a visitor to Morocco wants and needs.
You are a guest in our beautiful guest house, here to experience the true art of living in Moroccan style. We wish you a big welcome and hope to see you soon in Fes!

Chambres & Suites

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  • Room Luxe

    Warm and intimate
    - Windows overlooking the panoramic view of the medina
    - Ceiling cedar sculpté

  • Room Fès

    Nice and quiet
    - Capacity 1 person
    - On the terrace
    - Windows overlooking the terrace

  • Room Yacout

    Beautiful and Friendly
    - Capacity 1 person
    - Windows overlooking the patio
    - Ceilings of cedar wood

  • Ambassador Suite

    Elégente and sober
    - On the ground floor overlooking the patio
    - Ceiling cedar wood hand painted

  • Fatima Suite

    Colors and exotic
    - Capacity 2 people
    - On the 1st floor overlooking the patio
    - Ceilings of cedar wood

  • Radia Suite

    Spacious and colorful
    - Capacity 2 people
    - Plafons cedar wood hand painted
    - Dining room traditional Read more ...

  • Royale Aida Suite

    Luxury and beauty
    - Ground floor and mezzanine
    - Ceiling in a carved wood
    - Dining room Read more ...

  • Royale Chérine Suite

    Clarity and warm tones
    - Capacity 2 people
    - Windows overlooking the patio
    - Ceiling cedar hand-painted